A personal letter to the Maplestory community and our fans.

Hello everyone,

My name is Tyler Corsair, and I’m the creator of Crrio; the group that has crafted many MapleStory-related services over the years including Maple.fm, MapleStory: Design, and more recently our future project, MapleStory Network. It has been an amazing experience working and learning from so many talented individuals around the world and it’s been a privilege to be a part of a community I hold so dear.

In the last year, many of our services, including MapleStory: Design, have experienced continued lapses of functionality due to the actions of another individual. It has been disheartening to receive dozens of emails and Discord messages from players affected by these issues. Today, I would like to provide some transparency about this scenario. But first, some background.

MapleStory means more to me than just a video game; it was my escape as a child and shaped every aspect of my life. This game lead to my first job, it introduced me to some incredible friendships and relationships, and it continues to inspire me as MapleStory and MapleStory 2 grow. When I began on Crrio back in 2012, it was with a mission of crafting innovative and fun web services for Maplestory players around the globe and to provide positive experiences for maplers.

In 2017, Crrio began the development of Maplestory Design, which was sparked after the disappearance of the legendary “Bannedstory”. Years prior, I had been entrusted with the care of the animation community, MapleMation, and heard the impacts of this service’s departure very loud and clear.

Without much hesitation, my small team and I began on creating the simulator which has provided over half a million visitors with a chance to try out new items, create their perfect character, and inspire new looks whether in-game or in the real world. While the simulator had its challenges, it was a beacon of light for animators and artists who needed it.

Moving onward to late last year, there were many internal conflicts arising within Crrio between one of our developers and myself. On countless occasions, there were differing views of what direction to take many of the services managed under Crrio and ultimately it was decided it was in the best interest for all parties for them to leave our team.

With this departure, the developer took it upon their own behalf to take control of the APIs that had powered our services from the beginning (including Maple.fm throughout some of its existence) and in a rogue set of actions, retroactively restricted access to vast amounts of source code owned by our team as they possessed administrative access (alongside myself) to do so. With the unjustified threat of lawsuits if we attempted to re-launch the same API platform or an altered version of it, we were put in an uncomfortable position of remaining dependant on this now separated platform otherwise our services such as MapleStory: Design would stop functioning.

This is despite many company documents and records/roadmaps showing that IO was always owned and funded by Crrio.

In the months following, several instances of downtime with the APIs have continued to cause widespread issues for MapleStory: Design. There would be changes made that would require immediate and rushed fixes to our simulator to attempt to relieve full lapses of functionality, and this ultimately has left the MapleStory community and our own fans with concerns over our own future.

If you know me personally, one of the MOST important aspects that I care about when I work on projects is quality and good user experiences. When I receive feedback, I always do everything in my power to alleviate their concerns and ensure that they have a great time using the service.

This situation regarding MapleStory: Design and our other services have been so difficult for me that it has impacted my own health significantly. To be left without the ability to make players happy or to provide a solution to a troubled member of our community has been hard.

I care far too much for this community to give up on the services that have provided positive experiences for so many players worldwide.

Whether it takes weeks, months, or a year, I will continue to dedicate as much time as possible towards seeking a solution to this roadblock, and strive to provide an always improving collection of MapleStory projects for players all around the globe to enjoy.

At this time, the developer has refused to acknowledge or respond to any messages I’ve sent in attempts to relieve this scenario. I’m hopeful in the future that this will change.

Thank you for spending the time to read through this; it means a lot. I appreciate all of the patience and support that the Crrio and Maplestory community has given towards our projects. I hope to provide a much more elegant and refined experience for everyone this year.

If you are a developer, MapleStory fanatic, or simply want to contribute in some way towards MapleStory-related projects, please reach out to me via Discord at Corsair#1337 or via email at tyler@crr.io.

Don't chase dreams, create them. I craft neat services and products sometimes.

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